Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Skin Care that you Should Know

What’s a vitamin C serum?


You’ve undoubtedly heard of vitamin C serums if you dab a little bit into skincare.


Vitamin C serum is lauded as one of the best anti-aging elements in the market — and the solution to preserving smooth, even, and fresh-looking skin.


Although you’re plausibly taking vitamin C in your food, there’s no way to ensure the amount that it will take to benefit your skin.


Instead of worrying about that, using Vitamin C serums are the most effective and direct way to receive these benefits.


Read on to understand why vitamin C serum is essential to your skincare routine.


Vitamin C serum has an excellent safety profile being suitable for most skin types. Most people can use Vitamin C serum for a long period without encountering any reactions.


In some rare cases, people with hypersensitive skin may feel minor irritation.


It’s hydrating

One of the foremost vitamin C derivatives used in serums is Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which has a hydrating effect on the skin, decreases transepidermal water loss, enabling your skin to maintain better moisture.


It’s brightening

Vitamin C serum helps fade pigmentation and reduces dullness by smoothening your skin and giving a youthful glow.


 Reduces redness and evens your skin tone.


Vitamin C can be used to treat a wide variety of inflammatory conditions of the skin. It minimizes redness and creates an even complexion.


 Fades Hyperpigmentation.


Hyperpigmentation ( age spots, including sunspots and melasma) — occurs because of overproduced melanin in some skin regions.

It can also happen in healed acne areas.


Vitamin C serum application has been shown to prevent melanin production and help fade dark spots and lead to more even-toned skin.


Reduces the appearance of dark circles.

Vitamin C serum decreases fine lines by plumping and hydrating the skin and under-eye area.


Although Vitamin C is more productive at decreasing overall redness, it can also help lighten the blemishes associated with under-eye dark circles.


Promotes collagen production.

Vitamin C serum is well known for promoting collagen generation.


Collagen (naturally occurring protein) depletes over time. Fine lines and wrinkles can occur if you have a lower level of collagen.


Collagen levels are also tied to the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Your skin may begin to sag if your collagen levels begin to drop.


Vitamin C serum boosts collagen production, resulting in skin firmness.


 Protects against sun damage.

Molecules called free radicals to cause sun damage.


Free radicals seek other atoms to “steal” the missing electron in their atom —and this can cause significant skin damage.


Antioxidants in Vitamin C serum protect healthy skin cells by giving these molecules an electron, making them harmless.


Soothes sunburns.

Vitamin C accelerates cell turnover in addition to minimizing redness. This renews the damaged cells with new healthy ones.




Step 1: Wash your face with Khadi Organique face wash

Step 2: Take 4 – 5 drops of Vitamin C face serum

Step 3: Mix with sunscreen lotion / any moisturizer

Step 4: Gently massage over face & neck

Step 5: Allow it to be absorbed



Avoid direct contact with eyes. Rinse with water immediately if it gets into the eyes.

Do a patch test before first use.

Discontinue using if you experience discomfort or irritation.


Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool & dry place. Do not refrigerate. Protect from direct sunlight.


Vitamin C serums reduce hyperpigmentation, heal blemishes and give your skin a healthy, smooth touch and glow.


Consistency is crucial for the maximum outcome, so add it to your skincare routine in a way that is suitable for you.


Some people use it in the mornings for UV-protective properties, while others find it most useful as a night serum.



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